Multi-Vendor Management App for

E-Commerce Stores


Want to let people sell products through your Shopify store? (& make money when they do?)



Vendor Den makes it easy to manage multiple vendors through Shopify. The app turns your Shopify store into a marketplace where your chosen vendors are able to list products, and allows you to take a commission each time their product makes a sale.


Easily add multiple vendors to your Vendor Den account

All you need to do is add them to your Vendor Den account. There’s no restrictions on the number of vendors you add, and no additional charge so you can maximize the volume of your store with as many vendors as you like.


Approve products your vendors create in Shopify

Your approved vendors will be able to add products to your Shopify store but no products will be live until you approve them. That ensures the quality of your Shopify store’s products are consistent and completely within your control.


Easily track commissions & payouts for every vendor

The vendor products you have on your Shopify store that sell will be tracked separately from your own products, and you’ll be able to see how many more sales you’re making through an easy to use dashboard right within your Shopify store.


Approve payouts to your vendors with one click

Once your vendors start selling products on your store, they’ll need to get paid. With Vendor Den you can click a button whenever you want and automatically pay individual vendors for the commissions they’ve earned by selling on your Shopify store.


 Frequently Asked Questions



How much does Vendor Den cost?

Vendor Den is just $19/month for an unlimited number of vendors.

What’s considered a ‘vendor’?

A vendor is any person you want to be able to sell products on your store. So for example let’s say you have a Shopify store that sells custom shirts. If you wanted to let other people sell their custom shirts you can add them as a vendor and they’d be able to list their products for sale on your Shopify store and they’d earn a commission on each sale based on what you choose.

How many vendors can I add to Vendor Den?

You can add as many vendors as you want to Vendor Den at no additional charge.

Do I set the commissions a vendor earns on each product?

Yup! When you add a vendor you can choose to set commissions at the product level or you can set commissions at the vendor level. For example, if you want a vendor to earn 20% commission on every product they sell on your store you can do that, or if you want specific products to be 40% you can do that, too.

Do I set commissions as a percentage or dollar amount?

Both! You can have commissions paid out as either a percentage of a total product’s value, or you can do it as a specific dollar amount for the product’s value.

Does this work with any Shopify theme or template?

Yes! Vendor Den is compatible with any Shopify theme or template.


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